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Choosing the Best Option for Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Denver

Feb 27

Popcorn ceilings were popular in the United States throughout the 1960s and 1970s, but they are rarely seen in new construction projects or restorations today. Although some individuals still appreciate the aesthetic of this ceiling design, others deem it outmoded or even tacky. Several Denver home owners are opting to remove their popcorn ceilings due to health concerns as well as a decline in popularity.

Whether you are renovating or selling your home, it is crucial to choose the appropriate popcorn ceiling removal contractor. This article will provide information on the process of removing popcorn ceilings, as well as suggestions for hiring the correct contractor.

How Does Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Denver Work?

If you're considering removing your popcorn ceiling, it's crucial to first understand the removal process. To loosen the popcorn texture on the ceiling, a contractor will typically apply a particular chemical, such as Dif. This procedure typically takes a few minutes. The contractor will then carefully scrape away the texture without damaging the ceiling or walls.

The contractor will sand the surface and apply primer to the ceiling once all of the texture has been removed. Primer helps to create a uniform, consistent surface on the ceiling and ensures a smooth finish once the paint has been applied. Typically, it is recommended that you have the contractor prime and then finish the ceiling with a fresh coat of paint, although this may not always be necessary depending on the condition of the ceiling.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Popcorn Ceiling Removal Contractor

Selecting a contractor with extensive expertise installing ceilings is essential. The removal of popcorn ceilings is a delicate operation that necessitates accuracy and attention to detail to ensure a successful outcome. Asking for references and communicating with previous clients are the greatest ways to locate a contractor with experience.


It is essential to hire a contractor whose charges are transparent and who does not charge any additional expenses. Get bids from many contractors and compare the rates to find the best bargain.


Ask the contractor if they have the right insurance and license. Appropriate insurance will not only protect you from accidents or losses, but it will also reassure you that the contractor is qualified to execute the project.  Be sure to look for insurance that covers property damage, liability and workers compensation. This will help protect both you, the contractor and their workers in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.


It is crucial to ensure that the contractor has the necessary equipment and supplies to execute the project. Specialized equipment, such as scrapers, and an abundance of safety gear, such as goggles and dust masks, are required for professional popcorn ceiling removal. Before making a selection, check with the contractor to see if they have the essential tools and safety supplies.


When choosing a contractor to remove popcorn ceilings, track record is the final element to examine. Ask for references and images of their previous work to evaluate the quality of their results. To ensure you're getting the greatest outcome possible, a reliable contractor should be able to provide you with numerous examples of their prior work.

The proper removal of popcorn ceilings is a complex operation that demands experience and precision. If you're thinking about having your popcorn ceiling removal in Denver, make sure you find the correct contractor. Look for a contractor who has the necessary tools, is affordable, is insured, and has experience. Most essential, be sure to request references and review their previous work to ensure that the results will exceed your expectations. Learn more.