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Expert House Painters in Hamilton

Nov 7

Providing expert exterior house painting services to help your home look great.

Over the last few years, many people have taken advantage of being at home and updating their property. Whether it is a new paint job for your deck, new fence, updating your kitchen or improving your homes curb appeal, it seems that people are looking for a change. 

This past summer we saw a lot of homeowners looking to get the exterior of their homes repainted. Now is the perfect time to take advantage and get yours done! In particular, this is beneficial in winter months as new paint helps your home weather the freezing temperatures better.

There are various ways of getting the job done. One way is to hire a professional painting company, like Visions Painting and Stucco. Large projects can be time-consuming if you try to complete them all by yourself. Instead, you can focus your attention on other activities, while they handle the work for you.

If you live in the Hamilton, Burlington or Oakville area, you are no strangers to the harsh weather conditions.

It's no secret that the Four Seasons that we experience here in Ontario can wreak havoc on the outside exterior of your house. Between the cold winds and the snow coming off of the harbour to the hot heat and humidity of July the exterior of your house takes a beating.

It is not just homes that we have been repainting this last year. We are painting garages and carports, boat houses and pool houses and we have even painted a few barns for those who live in the country.

Regardless of what property you need painted, our expert team of painters is here for you. Over the last 20 years we have painted pretty much any surface that can be painted.

Here are a few other services that Visions painting and stucco can help you with

- Stucco Services 

- Commercial Painting

Top Questions our clients ask:

1.Best time of year to paint the exterior of your house?

Spring or fall are the best time to paint your house exterior. The lack of humidity and cooler temperatures help the paint dry.

2. Can you paint over old exterior paint?

If the existing paint is the same type and in good condition, you can go ahead and paint without sanding. But when it comes to wood, you have to sand for if for proper adhesion. You can also skip that process and make do with a primer.

If you are looking for a house painter in Hamilton, Ontario or any of the above-mentioned spaces then give us a call and let out team at Visions painting and stucco take care of your painting needs. 


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