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Heat Reflective Paint

Oct 10

In summer, reflective paints that reflect heat are the ideal method to keep a home cool. It serves as a defense shield against sun's heat and reflects more of sun's rays that regular paint. This kind of painting is known as COOLROOF. Its unique InfraCool technology can reflect the rays from the sun, including the invisible wavelengths.

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Invisaflects(r) heat-reflecting paint is the solution to a big issue that is reducing heat loss from radiant sources. By reducing heat gain, Invisaflects can make your house more efficient in energy use. This reflective paint appears green in the thermographic pictures.

Invisaflects is a fantastic option for cathedral ceilings and mobile homes where insulation is often not present. Additionally, it is the only way to add insulation to mobile homes. Certain studies have shown savings of up to 85 percent. The product is an elastomeric paint that looks like a rubber coating when dry.

The reflective properties of radiant heat in Invisaflects(r) paint are distinctive. It provides a distinct shield for your home which makes it cooler during the winter and more comfortable during summer. The coating contains hollow ceramic microspheres that reflect the heat generated by your heater creating a home's indoor temperature more comfortable. more suitable temperature. Additionally, the coating improves an insulation level of the house and decreases bacteria levels.

Alongside being a good choice for reducing the temperature of your house, heat reflective paint can also prolong the lifespan of older roofs and minimizes the possibility of fungus growth on paint. They are especially useful in humid climates. Additionally, you'll save time and energy.


COOLROOF(r) COOLROOF(r) is an ingenious, roofing coating that is thermally reflective that boasts a the highest SRI number of 122 and reduces roof temperatures. It is certified by two of the top green building organizations in India. The product is one of the only green building products to be recognized by both of these organizations.

Paints that reflect heat can be found on various roofing materials and are an excellent way to reduce your electricity cost. They also help protect your roof from heat shock and stop leaks. They also can increase the value of buildings. COOLROOF(r) thermally reflective coating is able to reduce its temperature on the ceiling up to twenty degrees Celsius.

Energy comes in many forms, including visible and invisible light. Infrared radiation comes from the sun, and then radiates back into space, while visible energy is captured by objects like the home. The paint's heat reflective properties hinder the flow of energy via conduction, convection, and radiation. By reducing heat transfer the paint will help you create a more energy efficient home.

COOLROOF(r) heat-reflective paint assists to block heat transfer by reflecting sunlight. It also creates a structure with a high R-value, which makes it more energy efficient. This means less waste going to landfill and also reduces the carbon footprint of your home.

A reflective roof paint could lower energy bills and consumption by up to 70 percent. The amount of savings is contingent on the kind of paint used and the home's shape. Based on your climate as well as the amount of air conditioning you are using and the extent to which your home uses air conditioning, COOLROOF(r) heat reflective paint will reduce the amount of energy you spend.

Invisaflects(r) ceramic

A ceramic heat reflective paint is an excellent option to increase the insulation of your home. Ceramic has excellent thermal properties and is utilized in spacecrafts and in many other uses. A further benefit is that the Angel Air Invisaflects(r) paint is antimicrobial and ionizes air, reducing bacteria and limiting the amount of heat transfer from your house to the environment.

Invisaflects can be applied to virtually any surface and can be tinted to blend with any colour scheme. Since it is made of nanotechnology, it's almost invisible. It is also simple to apply. The invisaflects coat can be applied using the rollers along with other application tools.

Because of its transparency Invisaflects minimizes unwanted radiant heat gain and loss. When applied to walls ceilings and roofs the product is highly effective and is a great way to save money on energy. Invisaflects can also be used on roofs.

In addition to preventing solar radiation Invisaflects (r) ceramic coatings also work in preventing fire and sound. The unique thermoceramic coating reduces the amount of heat that is not reflected by as much as 95 percent. This means that your building will be cooler during summer , but warmer in winter.

Super Therm(r) ceramic

If you're in the market for a new paint option for your commercial or home construction, you should consider the Super Therm(r). The paint is an coat of insulation, and it can last from 14 to 21 days. It's non-yellowing. It's resilient, flexible, UV-resistant, and breathable. It also resists corrosion. It is suitable for numerous applications such as cooling systems to roof panels.

It's three times more thick than regular house paint. Because of its thickness, SUPER Therm will block the initial heat generated by radiation. By contrast, regular insulating materials are designed for absorbing heat. Its "R" value of insulation can be determined by measuring the length of time it takes for heat to travel through the insulation. SUPER Therm is made to block heat transmission from the sun , without absorption.

Super Therm is generally applied to the outside surfaces of thin, planar structures. Its thermal-insulating properties are equivalent to that of an R-6 fiberglass batt. The coating is generally used in thicknesses of eight to 16 mils. In addition to its outstanding reflective ability to reflect radiation, SuperTherm can also block a wide range of heat from inside out.

Super Therm is non-conductive and can block 95% or more of sunlight's radiation. It also blocks water and air from infiltrating. Super Therm is an award-winning surface that's utilized for over three decades on millions of square foot of surface. The benefits of this coating include reduced energy costs and improved workplace environment. Furthermore, Super Therm increases the effectiveness that air conditioning units can provide by keeping the heat in the building during the colder months.

Super Therm can be used with a wide range of roofing materials. It holds a 70 percent market share in Japan and is widely used throughout Europe, South East Asia and it is also used in the Middle East, and Austria. It is the most effective weatherization and insulation coating currently available. It comes with a 20-year Energy Star rating.

There are a variety of heat-rejecting coatings that have distinct characteristics. Certain types are extremely reflective, while others are not as reflective. The best choice is based upon your specific needs. But, thermal paint is expensiveand not a substitute for R-19-rated insulation.