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Sep 30

A seamless finish is an indicator of a good paint job. We discussed in a previous article the different levels of surface preparation required for various finishes. Which filling products can you use to fill in cracks and gaps?

This post will discuss the specific products as well as when and where they can be used. If you follow these tips, you will achieve a professional-quality finish that will be envied by many house painters.

Filling in Gaps

You might need to fill in some gaps before you start painting.

These could be found in interior painting jobs, such as where walls meet ceilings or where wood trim meets walls. On door frames/baseboards and window frames

They could be found where trim meets the siding.

These areas are required to be filled regardless of whether they are inside or out. Caulking, specifically painters' caulk, will be the product that you use most. It is the reason most painting crews keep at least one case of this stuff on hand. They use a lot of it.

It's so easy to find painters caulk at a very affordable price. For just over $1, you can buy a tube basic paintable latex caulking with the '25 year' written on it. It doesn't matter if it lasts more than a few months, if you don’t mind. Although it may last for a long time in an environment that is stable and doesn't change in temperature or humidity, it will usually begin to pull away from the joints very quickly in real life.

Like paint, caulking has a very different quality and lifespan. Because they are more flexible, shrink less, and resist cracking, I usually buy the most expensive caulking for interior and exterior house painting Denver projects. I could bore you with boring technical details about shrink coefficients. However, most people don't care about caulking. I'll just tell you to buy the best quality product for your job. They are worth every penny. It doesn't matter how well the brand is known. There are many manufacturers of high-quality caulking available. If you intend to paint on top of it, ensure it's paintable.

*TIP* To make sure that expensive caulking doesn’t fail, ensure you prime any exposed substrate surfaces before applying caulking.

Filling Cracks

Joint compound is the most subtle material for interior wall surfaces such as plaster and drywall. Joint compound comes pre-mixed in "mud" and is available in 5-gallon or 1-gallon buckets. You can also purchase it as a powder that can be mixed according to your specific crack repair needs.

Powdered joint compound has the advantage of being available in many fast-drying forms (20minute, 45 minutes, and 90 minute), depending on how quickly you are able to work before your mix begins to set up.

Wood filler works well on interior doors, window frames and trim surfaces, which are often made from wood. Wood fillers can be sanded and drilled like the surrounding wood, they won't shrink, and they can be stained or painted. This is an ideal solution for trimming miter joints.

High-quality caulking works well on exterior surfaces because it can move and flex when the environment is stressed. A wood replacement is a better option if you are looking for a seamless wood repair.

Filling Nail Holes

In general, nail holes in interior walls can be filled with shrink-free packing by filling the hole with a little bit of spackling and then sanding it until it dries. Wood filler works best for wood trim holes.

You can use a good caulking to fix any nail holes found on exterior surfaces.

Make sure you fill in any cracks or gaps before you start painting your next project. Although it may cost more money and take longer to apply paint, it will transform your project from good to great.

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