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Call a Painting Contractor for Your Interior Painting Needs

Sep 19

One of the most frustrating aspects of starting a paint project for any homeowner is selecting the right colors. There are so many color options.

You should choose a neutral color that will go with everything. You should consider arranging your choices around your flooring, furniture, or drapes. Where and when should accent colors be used? How can you tell which colors go well together?

While we have provided our customers with many tools to assist in choosing the right color, sometimes you need to consult a professional. Perhaps you have ever wondered if it would be worth hiring a professional to color consult with you, such as an interior painting Denver Colorado contractor.

Are you a professional designer or color consultant?

Most people think that color and design consultants only work for the wealthy. While this may be true in some cases, it's not true for all.

An interior designer in Pittsburgh told me recently that the cost of design services could vary from $55/hr to $150/hr depending on their education and experience. This is because these professional designers are highly skilled and dedicated to staying on top of trends in design and color. They can also bring a home's decor together to create a beautiful ensemble. It is easy for someone to justify spending an extra hour to ensure that they deliver a project that will last many years. We have encountered difficulties in getting customers paired with professional designers to help them choose paint colors.

The majority of designers in high demand are involved with large-scale remodeling projects or construction projects. This means they don't have time for smaller projects such as color consultations. We have a great option for you if you are in need of some painting work that isn't part of larger remodeling projects and want to save money on your color woes.

To help homeowners who are struggling with color selection, we have teamed up with Sherwin Williams, a leader in house paint. We now offer Personal Color Consultants. These highly trained color experts will visit you in your home to discuss the best colors and help you create a space you love.

How can I prepare for the Consultation?

A little research can help make your consultations more productive.

Search for color and design from the Web. Check out websites like or to find thousands of photos, unique ideas, and inspiration for your project. To show your consultant which theme you would like, you can copy and save any image.

Colors that match your personality - Visit our Color Help page and take The Color Sense quiz. The questions you answer will help narrow down which colors best suit your style and personality.

Use Your Home as a Platform for Building Around Pieces When selecting a color palette, you should consider furniture, fabrics, flooring, and other factors. Consider the items that will stay with you for many years. You can see how carpeting and fabric wears over time. So, focus on the items you'll want to keep forever, like wall art or antiques.

Get Inspirations from Cherished Memories. Have you ever looked at your family photos or vacation photos and thought that you might be able to capture the color? You can find the Chip It program on our Color Help Page. Chip It instantly turns any photo into a custom color palette.

Use the Method of Elimination. It is just as important as narrowing down your favorite colors and palettes to show examples so that your consultant knows what to remove.

Include the Whole Family Experts recommend that you include all family members, at least those who are willing, when making your choices. Ask them to participate in the homework process.

What If You're Still Unsure?

What do you do when you aren't sure if your choices will be pleasing? You can try some test samples on your walls.

Sherwin-Williams offers Color to Go, which comes in small Twist-n-Pour bottles and covers approximately 75 square feet.

It costs less than $10 to see what colors will look on the surface where they will apply. You can test how your home's decor, natural and artificial lighting influence your color selections.

Jay's Painting LLC is happy to provide a personal color consultant for your project if you're in Denver or nearby. Phone: 720-357-1503. Click the button below to get in touch with us about scheduling an appointment that's convenient.



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