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Things to Consider When Hiring a Painting Contractor

Sep 16

Even if Brian is a good guy, it can be costly to hire general maintenance professionals. This could save your company thousands of dollars as well as hours of downtime. Customers are very important to many businesses, so appearances can be as important as details like commercial painting projects. But finding the right professional to hire isn't always easy. It can be difficult to find qualified contractors in an environment where everyone "knows" a guy. Online searches can lead to a long list of potential contractors.

The proof is in what you read, no matter how cliché it sounds. These are some warning signs to watch out for when you hire a commercial painting contractor.

Red Flag #1 Low Rates

Commercial paint contractors Denver should be compared. The price tag may be the most important factor in your decision making. However, the cost of the job might require you to pay twice as much to get the right company to do the job correctly.

Make sure you know the price and quantity of all materials. This can be a sign that a company is using low-quality paint, which could cause more frequent repainting. While they may be cheaper now, they might end up costing more when you have to hire a new painter in a few years.

Compare the labor costs. Their labor costs could be significantly higher than those of high-profile contractors. This could indicate a lack of experience or insurance. Combining low labor costs with low material cost will ensure that Bob and the boys don't cut corners.

Red Flag #2, Lack of References

While you don't have to choose the oldest painting contractor in your area for high-quality work, you shouldn't be their first client. A well-respected painting contractor will deliver the best results. However, it is important to go beyond the surface when reviewing a company’s references.

Referring to past clients will give you the opportunity to see their best work. Many times, online reviews can be a good indicator of their quality work. But remember that customers sometimes leave negative reviews only when there is a problem. Do not just focus on star ratings. Pay close attention to the reasons the customer left a negative review.

The example is an example. This seems like a fantastic review for a painting business, but it's only one of two online reviews that is more than seven years old. Another review, which was also five-stars but lacked detail feedback, was received by the company. Reviews also highlighted residential work. The review above shows that the company's rates are very low, they don't clean up well and may have cut corners on finishing. This reviewer might be picky about details around their home. Can your company afford to overlook these details?

Red Flag #3: Vague Contracts

Contracts are legal documents that protect you, the business you work for, and your employer. It should be mutually beneficial. This means that you get the same quality of work for the money that you put into the project. It should be clear and simple to understand. Ask for clarification if you find the language confusing or too complicated. If the explanation is still unclear, ask for clarification. A contract should clearly state who, what, when and where.

A commercial painting contract should include:

  • Be clear about when and where the work will end. This includes precise, but not vague timeframes. This could be "Work will occur on site for five working days" or "Work will occur within a reasonable period of time."
  • A clear plan of what work will be completed should be provided. You will need to have a clear plan of work if the project is going to last several days. This professional courtesy extends to both sides.
  • Discuss how to resolve conflict or miss deadlines. What happens if the crew fails to show up on time? What should you do? What happens if the work isn't completed? How can you get your deposit returned? If you are unable or unwilling to permit the crew to begin, it is because of an emergency. Do you still have to pay for the painting that was not completed? Do you have the ability to reschedule your work?
  • Detail the process by which the parties enter into and exit from the contract. The mutual signing of a contract usually marks the beginning of a contract. However, it may sometimes include a monetary security deposit. Sometimes it can be difficult to get out from a contract. The deposit is refunded, or the full amount due. What happens if the contractor is at fault? You can be more protected from predatory business practices by having these details in writing before you sign any contract.

To negotiate a contract for work, you don't need to be a legal professional. You must agree to the terms of the contract before signing it. It is a red flag that the company you're considering is unwilling to negotiate their contract.

Red Flag #4: Payment Terms

Include the labor and material prices in your detailed estimate. It should also contain the terms of payment. It is not a good idea to require full payment before work can begin. This could lead to financial loss for your company. 30% deposit is a standard procedure for large commercial or industrial projects. When the job is completed to your satisfaction then you should make full payment and terminate the contract terms.

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