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How Long Does It Take Exterior Paint To Dry?

May 16

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How long should we wait for the exterior paint to dry?


Many people rely on an excellent architect or a home designer to have a beautiful house to live in. There is no problem with that. In fact, it is a good idea because they are experts in that field, which means you will have the kind of house that is up with the current trends. But what about those individuals who are on a tight budget and still want to keep up with modern homes?

Painting your house adds value to it, and it also transforms the vibe without hiring those professional designers to achieve it. You just need to find the right painting company to help you with that. And if you feel like doing it by yourself, you have to learn what are the things you need and the right color to choose.



Choosing color is not really necessary if you think that this is just your house and these are your favorite color that you want to paint. But we have to understand that there are specific colors that will make the house look sad and uninviting. For sure, we do not want that at all because we want it to be comfortable and welcoming. But for the bedroom, it is the private spot in the house, so I guess that is the best part of being completely free to choose any color that you wish.

Now that we already know the importance of selecting the proper paint, we go to some questions like: Why do we need to sand the wall before painting? And how long does it take for exterior paint to dry?

We should sand the area or wall before applying a fresh coat of paint to avoid rough texture and to make sure that there is no uneven surface to achieve the high-quality output that we always want. The waiting hours for an exterior paint to dry is between four to eight hours. But we recommend waiting for twelve hours before it gets wet from the rain. And it is much better if you will for 24 hours to dry thoroughly.