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Do I Need to Sand Before Painting The Exterior Of My House?

May 10

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Why do we need to sand before painting the exterior of our house?


Our house is a place where we feel relaxed, safe, and well secured in everything. That is why we always try to find possible ways to update it for every security purpose and strengthen it in any weather condition. We want our abode to look good as well. And try to accentuate some home details that say about ourselves as owners.

House painting is one idea that we can easily do to our house. We can either do it ourselves or hire a professional house painter to do it. Choosing the right color can make you feel happy and relaxed. Not just that, it works like magic because it can make the house look fancy and elegant. In other words, it can increase its value. There are many do-it-yourself videos online that can help you achieve that, but it is much better if it is done by an expert because they already know the techniques that we do not know.



Applying paint can also strengthen the quality of materials that our house has. It can stop the termite infestation that can ruin the wood if it is made of wood and can possibly close its termite entry. It can protect your walls from being moist that can produce some molds that we never want to have. Because we all know that molds can be deadly to us and our pets, and it can damage the walls. Those are a few of the many advantages of having your house painted.

And if you are excited to try it for yourself, here are a few things that we should know. Before we coat our house or any items that you want to be painted, we should sand them first. Why do we have to do that when we can just cover it with paint? We have to sand before painting, especially on wood, to make sure that the surface is smooth, with no unwanted loose materials, and check if it is even. We can just skip that and start painting the wall if we see no blemish and it is in good condition.