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Commercial Painting In Portland OR

Mar 17

Commercial Painting Portland OR

Know when to call for HELP

First impressions are everything in business. When potential clients pass by a place of business, a positive first impression from a quality paint job done by a commercial painting contractor is key to grabbing and keeping their attention.

Curb appeal includes investing in quality work, done by quality contractors who have proven results. When it comes to finding your next commercial painting contractor, know what to ask when you begin your research.

Check out the following four videos at Arrowhead Commercial Painting. This is a great place to start when identifying who will be doing the next painting project for your shopping center, multi-family complex, or retail store.


References, Reviews, and Warranties

Most commercial painting contractors will have a list of references from previous projects and oftentimes contacts at those locations who have reviewed the quality of work that was completed.

Reputable painting contractors have nothing to hide. They are proud of their work and want others to brag about it.  

If you are able to speak with past customers, they may be able to share any positive or negative feedback. If there has been problems, it will help you identify them and potentially avoid future issues.

Always ask about warranties offered. If there is a warranty, it can help save you money in the long run, rather than have to pay more to have something fixed, which wasn’t your fault in the beginning.

Either way, make sure you check references. Ask them to supply the following information about their experience with the painting contractor.


Is THE Commercial Painting Company licensed?

Is the company properly licensed to perform commercial painting? Does each of the contractors working for the company have a valid, up-to-date license for themselves? If the answer is not Yes, move on. You are not protected in maintaining a quality of work with an unlicensed worker.

Each commercial painter and company has a lot to lose if the job is not completed to terms as noted and signed in a contract.

At Arrowhead Painting, our people make a difference. Our promise is to deliver consistent, quality service from people.


Questions To Be Asking Commercial Painters

You will always want to get as detailed a report as possible when it comes to the time it will take to complete a project. Owning a business, you must have commercial painting contractors who are upfront and honest about project timelines.

Communication is also a key part of ensuring project timelines are followed and customer service is a key priority. Our dedication to improvement and ensuring you always receive the highest level of customer service and high level communication is what we are about at Arrowhead Painting.  

 The time it takes to complete a paint job depends on how much of the business will be painted. Professional painting contractors should be upfront with time expectations. It’s also helpful to know if they can provide additional manpower for larger projects if deadlines are important. Other factors that influence how long a project takes includes:

  • Size of the project
  • Weather
  • Condition of interior walls, ceilings, and exterior surfaces