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Exterior Painting for Harsh Climates - What You Need to Know

Nov 30

Perth has a lot to teach the rest of the world about painting for harsh climates. We see it all here and know firsthand what challenges hot weather conditions present for residential painters. Perth is the gold standard when it comes to negotiating painting in unyielding conditions.  

House painters in Perth understand what’s required to ensure an exterior painting job will go the distance. Here are some of their trade secrets.  

Perth’s unpredictable climate

The Perth climate can be quite unpredictable, particularly if you are new to town. Blindingly sunny one day and torrential rain the next. These conditions can warp and twist paint jobs that are done poorly and this work can show signs of age well before it should appear.  

Hot and humid climates require a professional touch, particularly if they are close to the coast. So what is there to know about painting in these conditions? 

Painting in extreme conditions

Heat and humidity can stop paint from being able to dry properly. When the temperatures are high, the curing process can speed right up which can result in wrinkles and bubbles forming which look quite unsightly – particularly when you have just paid for a professional job! 

Painting should be avoided when the humidity is too high as it is damaging to the paint otherwise. Beware of the company that says ‘any time is a good time’ because the best painters in Perth know that that’s just not the case.  

Exterior painting in hot weather can be quicker, but it will require close to two days of steady weather conditions for appropriate application to occur. High temperatures can see drying take place before it has really had the chance to properly ‘stick’ to the surface area. You’ll notice this issue if there are tell-take signs of blistering and peeling.  

Similarly, rain can obviously have a damaging impact on an exterior paint job. Two days is required for the area to completely dry so your painting company should have their eye on the weather app when it comes to starting the job at the right time. Painters in Perth have these climate variations and humidity concerns in mind when they set out to start and complete work. This is all taken into consideration when the job is being planned by reputable painting professionals.  

What to consider when choosing paint and colours

Light colours can keep your home cool and take advantage of the sea breezes that are associated with coastal living. Rays from the sun are reflected instead of being absorbed by darker colours. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t select a darker colour if that’s your dream – it’s something to consider and the right painting company will be able to work around your ideal plan to come up with something feasible that will work for you in the long run.  

Remember that as time progresses, the sun will fade your colour unless the surface has been appropriately prepared. This might take time in the short term, but the long-term outcomes will pay off in dividends as your home is protected from the harsh rays of the sun. This will have a lasting impact and, should you sell in the future, see you receive a return on investment as the new owners make the existing house their own.  

Choose the residential painters Perth relies on

AJ Cochrane & Sons have been painting Perth for over 80 years. They are accredited with Dulux and rely on their wealth of experience to get the job done right the first time. Contact them today to ensure that your home is protected against harsh climates.